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How to bypass Hypixel Security bans

In this article we will go over how to bypass Hypixel's security system, which detects cracked accounts.

You just bought alts, went to login, and uh oh, you got Security Banned on Hypixel! Do not worry, we will teach you how to fix this.

In order to not get security banned, you must use a VPN. 

While a VPN like NordVPN or IPVanish might work, you can still get security banned, so this is why we recommend using VyprVPN in order to bypass security bans. Look for VPNs with tons of IPs, and be sure to make sure its not widely used by the community. Vypr can still get security bans, but your odds of getting security banned are way lower than any other VPN on the market currently. Just make sure to disconnect and reconnect for each alt, and you're good!

If you would like to get VyprVPN for a one time price of $5, you can purchase an account from us here

Written by Moofie
Published on Jul 31 2020