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How to move an Optifine Cape to another account and customize it

In this article we will go over how to transfer an Optifine Cape to another account, and also how to customize the cape.

To begin, You will need your own Minecraft Account (can be MFA or UFA), and an account with an Optifine Cape, which can both be bought here


First we will need to make sure you have already installed and played Minecraft 1.14.4, or else Optifine will not install for that version. To do so, please follow these steps:

  • Open Minecraft Launcher
  • Login to the OptiFine Cape account that you've bought.
  • Go to "Installations"
  • Click "New"
  • Pick version 1.14.4 - name doesn't matter
  • Click the green "Create" button in the bottom right
  • Go to "Play" and pick the newly made installation and click the big green "Play" button
  • When it is done loading, close it

Now Optifine 1.14 can be installed.

  • Download OptiFine for 1.14.4 which you can do by clicking here
  • Open the file that was downloaded
  • Click the Install button on the newly opened window
  • When it is done, re-open the Minecraft Launcher and the newly installed OptiFine version should be selected already, so click Play
  • In the Minecraft Menu go -> "Options" -> "Skin Customization" -> "OptiFine Cape" -> "Open Cape Editor"

Here, you can move the cape over to your own (or other) account, and also customize the cape. 
To customize your cape design, follow these steps:

  • Head over here and find a cape design that you like.
  • Then, go here and copy the layers of the cape over.
  • Now, you can go to the Optifine Cape Editor, hit Banner under the “Design” dropdown, and copy paste the url from the NeedCoolShoes website in.
  • It will automatically put your banner design in, and then you can hit save.

If you get any errors such as the cape being already moved, or a 24 hour cooldown you can contact our Live Chat support or join our discord and open a ticket to get help from our support agents, we will be happy to help you! 



Written by Loveless
Published on Apr 30 2020