How to move Optifine Cape to another account

This article describes how to move your optifine cape from one account, to another. The steps are very well described by some of our experts.

<p>What you need:</p><ul><li>Java installed</li><li>Minecraft</li><li>Minecraft Account</li><li>Minecraft Account with OptiFine Cape (<a href="">Buy Here</a>)</li></ul><p>Before you begin these steps, you should go to the Minecraft Launcher and login to the OptiFine Cape account that you've bought.<br>Steps to get the Optifine Cape transferred:</p><ol><li>Open Minecraft Launcher</li><li>Go to "Installations"</li><li>Click "New"</li><li>Pick version 1.8.9 - Name doesn't matter</li><li>Click the green "Create" button in the bottom right</li><li>Go to "Play" and pick the newly made installation and click the big green "Play" button</li><li>When it is done loading, close it down</li><li>Download OptiFine for 1.8.9, which you can do by <a href="">clicking here</a></li><li>Open the file that was downloaded</li><li>Click the Install button on the newly opened window</li><li>When it is done, re-open the Minecraft Launcher and the newly installed OptiFine version should be selected already, so click Play</li><li>In the Minecraft Menu go -&gt; "Options" -&gt; "Skin Customization" -&gt; "OptiFine Cape..." -&gt; "Open Cape Editor"</li></ol>

Created at: 2020-04-30
Written by Loveless