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What the futures looks like for Alts.TOP & more? [4:12 PM]

In this article we will go over what the future looks like for Alts.TOP, and info regarding the Mojang to Microsoft migration.

On 10/21, Mojang has announced that they will be rolling out a new update in early 2021 in which users with Mojang accounts will be asked to migrate their account to a Microsoft Account. 

Since then, we have received many questions on the future of Alts.TOP, such as what will happen to us, what will happen to their alts, and where will we be going, so we are writing this article in attempt to clear up any questions you may have.

Assuming you have not already read the Mojang article, I will start off by explaining the changes that they will be making.
According to Mojang, migrations from Mojang accounts to Microsoft accounts will be starting in “early 2021". 


We can assume that this will be Q1, and or Q2 as Mojang went on with saying that accounts will be sent emails to migrate in batches, and that this change will be mandatory. You will also be given 6 months to migrate the account, and after that from what we can tell, your account will be non functional until it is migrated via email invitation. This will allow us with at minimum, 8 months before we will have to change Alts.TOP and how it is known today.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has much better security than Mojang, which may cause issues in the way we obtain accounts. Alts.TOP currently has no plans to close business, and to follow up with this we will be doing our best to make the next 8 months the best 8 months in the history of Alts.TOP. With that being said, we highly suggest purchasing accounts before you may not be able to ever again, although we are working to the best of our ability to still be able to obtain accounts after the 8 months are over. 

If you have purchased (or plan on purchasing) a Mail Full Access or Unmigrated Full Access account from us, you will be able to continue using your account forever just as you would with a normal Minecraft account, as long as you migrate the account when the time comes to do so, which we highly recommend doing so you can claim the free Cape that Mojang has said they will be offering in return for the trouble they have caused.

Hope this article helped you! 
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Written by Moofie
Published on Oct 21 2020