Why are none of my alts working?

In this article we will go over some possible reasons why some of all your alts may not be working - and how to fix it.

<h3>You just bought alts, went to login, and uh oh, your account is invalid! Do not worry, we will teach you how to fix this.&nbsp;</h3><h2>The most common reason why this will happen is because your IP might be blocked from Mojang. If you aren't using a VPN, try one! If you are already using one, try disconnecting and re-connecting so you can get a fresh IP address. If your issue is still not solved, do not worry! Listed below are some more possible reasons why your alts may be shown as invalid.<br>&nbsp;</h2><ul><li>You have, and or are using an alt generator such as MCLeaks or Altening Authenticator. Please turn off any Authenticators before trying to log into alts you have bought.</li><li>You did not remove the capture at the end of the account (ex. [email protected]:password | NFA. Remove everything after the password, including the spaces with it. This can easily be done on notepad++, see the image <a href="https://moofie.xyz/i/8u37.png">here</a>.</li><li>Alternatively, If only some of your alts work and you're within our 12 hour warranty, contact our live chat support or join our discord and open a ticket for replacement alts. If any alts stop working after 12 hours we will not be able to replace them, due to how Mojang locks accounts.&nbsp;</li></ul><p>&nbsp;</p><p><i>Notice: NFA &amp; SFA accounts are not made to be permanent but instead temporary for cheaters, botters, and developing. Although this may vary, most accounts can get locked after 1-2 weeks of purchasing. To aid in preventing this from happening sooner, you can keep the passwords the same on SFAs, and don't use any programs such as OQMineBot.</i></p>

Created at: 2020-07-31
Written by Moofie
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